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Symptoms of HIV in women

It has been seen that men are more infected by HIV than women. The symptoms of HIV in women are similar to that of men. However, there are many other complications that women have to face than men. Women infected with HIV can have increased risk of vaginal infections. They can be frequently affected with yeast infection in the vagina.  Commonly found disease in a HIV infected woman are abnormal pap smears and Pelvic inflammatory disease. They can also likely to have ulcers and genital warts. The glands can sell due to the inflammations. The lymph glands those are present in the armpits, groin area and necks often swell. A constant fatigue is seen in a HIV infected woman. They can also have symptoms like night sweats and frequent fevers. The body generally takes moths to recover from the fevers. The menstrual cycle will be affected due to the HIV. Women will have abnormal menstrual cycle.  They can have missed periods and then there after no periods at all. Flu like symptoms can be noticed in HIV infected women. This symptom normally comes in a couple of weeks of the infection. They are associated with fever, body ache, sore throat and fatigue. Weight loss in women can be seen due to loss of appetite.

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