Does the estrogen hormone have any role to play on breast cancer?

Research has revealed that there is a potent link between estrogen presence in the blood stream and breast cancer. According to experts, estrogen, the predominant female sex hormone releases a gene which triggers breast cancer among women. The hyper-action of this gene in the body stimulates the growth of cancer cells in the breast. In common cases, women inflict the danger of breast cancer only after undergoing the hormone replacement therapy. This therapy is essentially administered to replenish the loss of estrogen in the body at the time of hormonal turbulences.

It has been further proved that high dosage of progesterone in combination of estrogen during the administration of the hormone therapy increases the risk for recurrence of cancer. To state in precise figures, the risk for recurrence of breast cancer increased by 3.3 per cent among women undertaking the treatment of estrogen replacement therapy. Apart from medicine intake, the oral application of treatment forms like creams, gels or patches also near the danger of this deadly disease. The estrogen content in these therapy forms enter directly into the blood stream and stimulate the gene responsible for the growth of cancer laden cells. Therefore, it is advisable for women suffering from any form of cancer to avoid the administration of this therapy