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Cacti Seed: Growing cacti from seed is easy and many species are endangered, needing propagation and preservation.



Ariocarpus agavoides
Small cactus with long, thin tubercles and deep magenta flowers. One of the rarest and most endangered of the Ariocarpus genus growing in a very restricted area.
Seed Packet 25 Count - $5.00 US
Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus - Pezuna de venado
Dwarf species to 2 inches with tiny flat, pointed woolly tubercles that form a mosaic pattern with magenta flowers arising from the center. Grows in an extremely unusual place for a cactus; the hilly plains of the Chihuahuan Desert that flood annually!
Seed Packet 50 Count - $5.00 US
Coryphantha macromeris
Rare variety of the psychoactive Dona Ana cactus of Mexico. Forms spiny clusters of multiple heads with dazzling light purple flowers in the 5th year from seed. Cold tolerant!
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Echinocereus triglochidiatus
Another Hikuli plant of the Tarahumara. Variable species with a wide range of distribution. Spiny, mound forming cactus that bears beautiful scarlet-colored flowers all Spring. Extremely cold hardy.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
  Grown your own - Many species of cacti have been decimated by the over collection of wild stock. This practice has led to the passing of the international CITIES conservation laws prohibiting the wild collecting of most cactus species. Growing from seed is sometimes the only way to obtain some of the rarer species, and doing so is one of the most effective and practical means for safeguarding wild populations from extinction. Seed sowing also promotes genetic diversity. A number of highly valued cactus species are known to live for hundreds of years. Sowing seed now will create a living investment for your children and grandchildren to inherit. Click here for Growing Instructions.  
Epithelantha micromeris - Hikuli Mulato
A small button cactus with minute, dense white spines. Tiny pink flowers appear in Summer, arising from a white woolly crown, followed by club-shaped bright pink fruit. This remarkable little plant usually clusters with age. Held in high esteem by the Tarahumara, it is utilized to heighten perception and clear the senses. The whole plant, fruit included, is used as a stimulant and protector by the runners. Also known to prolong life.
Seed Packet 50 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Mammillaria heyderi
Solitary globular cactus with small white spines. Blooms all Summer with concentric rings of small pink flowers. This phenethylamine-rich plant oozes a milky sap when punctured. Very cold hardy and easy from seed.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Pachycereus pectin-aboriginum - Chawe
Huge tree-like columnar cactus native to Northern and Central Mexico. Branches can reach nearly 30 feet. The Tarahumara use the expressed sap from young branches for a variety of medical syndromes as well as an inebriant to induce visions. Easy from seed, prefers some Winter warmth.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus bridgesii
Slender blue-green branches to 15 feet, white flowers, found to contain 2 novel triterpenes.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus grandiflorus
Short-spined stems to 2 feet, deep red flowers. Of particular interest.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus macrogonus
Large spiny, blue-green branches to 18 feet with lovely white flowers.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus pachanoi
The amazing San Pedro.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus pachanoi x - Juul's Giant
Descriptions of these two are above
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
  Grow Instructions
Cacti are easy from seed, the main requirement being patience. For growing media we recommend well composted soil mixed with 30 - 40 % pumice stone or perlite. We have found these to be less compacting than sand, creating more air pockets in the soil which encourages healthy root growth. They say it is important to sterilize the mix in the oven, 20 minutes at 180 degrees should destroy any pathogens. Fill plastic pots 3/4 with the sterilized mix. Then take a small amount of the mix and sift it through a mesh screen. This fine mix will top your pots and become the medium your tiny seeds rest on. Place pots in a tray of water so that soil will become evenly wet. Remove pots from water and sprinkle cactus seed evenly over the soil surface. Secure plastic wrap over the pot with a rubber band. Most seed will germinate best at 75 -85 degrees F. Seeds germinate into little green blobs as quickly as 3-4 days, though most take 2-4 weeks. If no germination takes place within this time, let the soil dry out completely for a few weeks, then moisten and try again. Some seed actually need this treatment. Remove plastic 1-2 weeks after germination and sprinkle a thin layer of sterilized pea gravel around the seedlings to help retain even moisture. It is critical that the soil remain moist without being soggy for the first year or so. Water once a week by placing pots in a tray of water. After the first month seedlings develop their species characteristics relatively quickly. In just a few years they will grow into mature, healthy stock specimens. We hope they dazzle you with their brilliant flowers and timeless wisdom for generations.
Trichocereus peruvianus
Splendid fast growing medicinal species.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus spachianus
Many short spined ribs on slender branches to 8 feet. White flowers.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus terscheckii
Huge, spiny stems that will grow to 40 feet tall and 2 feet wide. White flowers.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus validus
Clumping stems to 4 feet with bright red flowers.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus werdermanianus
Thick spines on stems that reach 15 feet in height and 2 feet in width. White flowers.
Seed Packet 100 Count - $5.00 US Qty:
Trichocereus Hybrid
Extremely frost-hardy, heavily clustering plants to 4 feet. Hybridized for their brilliant showy flowers of nearly every conceivable color. Blooms all Spring and Summer. We have counted 36 intense magenta flowers on one stem!
Seed Packet 50 Count - $5.00 US Qty:

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