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Characteristics of phimosis

Phimosis occurs in many un-circumcised men. It is a medical condition in which the retraction of the foreskin is not complete over the penis’ head. This condition is a bit embarrassing because it makes the look of the penis a bit awkward and also reduces the pleasure of intercourse in many men who have this problem. There are a few complications that arise out of phimosis and they are penile head infection. This infection leads to itchiness, discharge and irritation of that skin. According to the available estimates nearly 3-5 percent of adult people suffer from phimosis. If phimosis does not hamper your normal lifestyle then it need not be cured. However, curing it would help in keeping that area clean and thus avoiding infection and getting increased pleasure during intercourse.
Phimosis can be naturally cured by stretching the area with the fingers. However, it will cure phimosis only when it is in the initial stages. It is vital to learn from the doctor the exact way to stretch so that phimosis can be cured. In people with major phimosis at the advanced stages the only cure is surgical intervention. It is important to note that phimosis also occur in childhood where it is referred as childhood phimosis. Paraphimosis is an emergency condition in which the skin has retracted and now cannot return back to the normal. In this condition, emergency help in required.

Sexual Advice 101

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