Spotting during early pregnancy

Spotting which also means very small amount of bleeding or small patches of blood spots on the underwear. It is very common during early pregnancy. Women who know or suspect that they are pregnant get tensed when they see such spotting. Given below is the detailed analysis of spotting that occurs during early pregnancy.
Even though this analysis is too harsh but it is true that spotting in early pregnancy which makes most of the women tensed is actually miscarriage.
In case of some women, spotting may not be an indication of miscarriage but is quite common during 1st three months of pregnancy. Explanation to such occasional spotting may be credited to the hormonal changes taking place in the body during early pregnancy.  

Other probable factors of spotting may include urinary tract infection, yeast infection, hemorrhoids. Whenever such spotting is seen it is vital to seek medical attention. Only with apt inquiries and checking the blood spot sample, the healthcare provider will be able to understand the exact factors that cause spotting. The doctor needs to understand the other health ailments or signs and symptoms along with this such as body pain, fever. Women who undergo internal examination may also experience spotting. Doctors recommend that women who experience such spotting during early pregnancy must keep away physical stress.