Sexual Advice 101
Sexual Advice 101

Why do men suffer from low libido?

There may be many conditions which may lead to low libido or lower sex drive in men. The most common cause is the low levels of the hormone testosterone in the body. Testosterone is the sexual hormone or sexual fuel of the body. And thus reduced levels of testosterone are a cause of concern. 
Lower libido in men may also be due to certain health ailments like diabetes, erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol, anemia, neurological problems and heart problems. Sometimes the medications taken for treating such conditions may also contribute in lower libido. 
Sometimes emotional problems, depression and certain stress in the relationship may also contribute in lower libido in men. Anger, anxiety, resentment are some of the emotions which men might suppress but in long run it will definitely affect the body.  
Environmental conditions are also considered as contributing factors in lower libido. If there is stress in work environment or in the family, it will lead to lower performance of male.   The most important factors contributing to lower libido are lifestyle and diet. If you have an unhealthy lifestyle with habits like smoking, drinking and relying more on fast foods then there will be fall in sex drive and problems in erection.

Sexual Advice 101

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