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Causes of premenstrual spotting

In most of the cases start of perimenopause stage (around the age of 40) is responsible for premenstrual spotting. Some 5-8 years before menopause women experience certain changes in the patterns of menstruation. And this stage in women’s life can be termed as perimenopause. This is the stage where ovarian function begins to slow down and the eggs fall short. There is decrease in levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. And due to fall in these hormones there might be premenstrual spotting.  
However, if premenstrual spotting takes place in young females who have not yet entered the stage of perimenopause/menopause then it would be vital to talk to the doctor. This is because; one of the symptoms of endometriosis is premenstrual bleeding.   Some women do not know that they have premenstrual syndrome. But premenstrual spotting might be due to this syndrome. Poor diet and vitamin deficiency are some of the reasons which cause this syndrome. It is vital to seek treatment for premenstrual syndrome so as to avoid premenstrual; spotting and other symptoms like anxiety, depression, abdominal pain which cause lots of discomfort in females.

Sexual Advice 101

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