How to prevent HIV?

HIV can be prevented by taking a few simple measures. The primary thing that should be done is to avoid unprotected sex - vaginal, anal or oral. Sharing of syringes and needles should be avoided. Instead of blood transfusions, there are numerous non-blood alternatives that many surgeons advocate. These will rule out the possibility of HIV infection that could linger despite careful screening. Periodic screening for HIV helps rule out any infections. Other precautions can also be taken. Abstinence from sexual activity with multiple partners helps. Monogamy is not an outdated concept when it comes to prevention of HIV. In the case of women who wish to get pregnant, it is vital to be tested for HIV so as to avoid infecting the baby. For those who have already had a history of infection with sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis, treatment should be sought since these diseases increase a person's risk of contracting HIV. Finally, the use of condoms is said to help prevent HIV. However, while this is useful to a certain extent if latex condoms and lubricants are used, there is no guarantee that this method offers complete protection from HIV, since tears in the condom could lead to leakage of body fluids and the virus itself.