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Sexual Advice 101

Spotting between periods

It is vital to understand that every woman has a different cycle and not necessarily a 28 day cycle. And thus mid cycle spotting or bleeding is something really very common. However, spotting in between periods may resemble some functional problems or severe health problems. In case if you feel that potting between periods is a matter of worry then you may see a doctor and talk to him. However some of the most common reasons for spotting between periods are: 
1. Ovulation: Ovulation may be responsible for spotting between periods. The follicle burst may sometimes cause spotting. Even though this spotting is annoying and a bit pain causing it does not create much of discomfort in females.
2. Infections: Mid cycle spotting may be cause of certain infections, ailments or sexually transmitted diseases.
3. Using contraceptives: Certain contraceptive techniques like IUD’s, birth control pills are studied of having spotting in between periods. 
4. Menopause: Menopause or perimenopause may also induce mid cycle bleeding and spotting.  5. Cancer: Unusual bleeding and spotting may be due to severe form of health ailment like cancer. The reproductive organs like uterus, vagina or ovaries may have been affected with cancer. It requires quick and timely diagnosis or else the situation can be life threatening.

Sexual Advice 101

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