Sexual Advice 101
Sexual Advice 101

Where is testosterone secreted?

The testis of a man as well as the ovary of a woman secretes testosterone. It is considered as most important male sex hormone. In both men as well as women, it plays a vital role in health as well as well-being. Testosterone is obtained from cholesterol. The testis of men produces highest quantities of testosterone. In case of women, testosterone is produced by theca cells of ovaries and the placenta. There are two kinds of effects of testosterone. They are anabolic as well as virilizing. Anabolic effects contain growth of strength as well as muscle mass, enhancement of bone density and motivation of bone maturation. It is also crucial in growth of height. Virilizing effects contain maturation of sex appendages such as penis, formation of scrotum in the fetus as well as after birth, a deepening of voice and growth of beard as well as torso hair. Strength and muscle development or endurance is enhanced by anabolic steroids. According to some reports, prohibitions of the use of anabolic steroid were renewed by several sports organizations and United States Congress made it as a “controlled substance”.

Sexual Advice 101

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